A Family Dinner from the Slow Cooker: Mediterranean Cyprus Offers Chicken Tenders – Green Peas – Sliced Potatoes – Diced Tomatoes in Chicken Bone Broth

This bowl of good flavor is called “pizeli yiahni,” and is served without seasonings other than salt, pepper, and oil. . .but the flavors of the food suffice. . .a family favorite in Cyprus. . .

For 4:

–4 chicken tenderloins

–green peas (frozen, 1 cup)

–potatoes (1 can, drained)

–tomatoes (1 can, drained)

–salt and pepper to taste

–extra virgin olive oil to taste

–chicken bone broth, enough just to cover the food in the slow cooker

1 – Place potatoes, chicken, and green peas in a slow cooker.  Season to taste with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil.  Add chicken bone broth just to cover.  Cook in the slow cooker on low for 4 hours.  Then add the drained tomatoes.  Stir.  Cook for another hour on low.  Important:  Add the tomatoes last, as acidic food does not work well in a slow cooker if added at the beginning.

2 – Serve very warm (but not too hot) in bowls, 1 chicken tender per bowl, with the vegetables and broth.

–recipe adapted for the slow cooker from “at Anna’s kitchen table,” a cooking blog from Anna and her family, who call themselves a “British Cypriot family.”  She is writing the blog for her children especially, believing they will look up her Cypriot recipes when they leave home to have their own families.


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