Note:  This recipe is also good with a white fish, such as cod.

For 2:

–salmon (size of 3 decks of cards, one-half pound)

–orange (1 fresh, medium)

–chives (bottled)

–almonds (one-half small package, sliced)

–sherry (one-fourth cup, or white wine; cooking wine is fine)

–green salad


–salt and pepper

–olive oil


1 – Peel and break the orange into sections.  Slice into smaller portions.  Place one-half the orange sections in a covered baking dish.  Season with salt, pepper, chives, and olive oil.  Add one-fourth cup of sherry (or white wine).  Microwave on high for 3 minutes.  When finished, nestle the salmon in the midst of the orange sections.  Season with salt, pepper, chives, olive oil, and top with almonds.  Set aside.

2 – Place three-fourths cup of couscous in a wide-mouthed, covered, baking dish.  Add 1 cup of water.  Season with 1 teaspoon of salt and a little olive oil.  Microwave for 3 minutes on high.  Let sit at least 5 minutes, covered.

3 – Place 2 handfuls of salad greens in a mixing bowl.  Add the remaining one-half orange sections (cut up).  Season with salt, pepper, chives, olive oil, and a little sherry (or white wine).  Stir well.  Place in serving bowl.

4 – Microwave the salmon for 5 and one-half minutes.

5 – Serve the salmon and sauce on top of the couscous, with the salad as a side.  Serve the salmon hot, and the salad cold.

–adapted from Real Simple.



For 4:

–cod (size of 4 decks of cards, 1 pound)

–rosemary, oregano (bottled)

–parsley (fresh)

–tomato (1, medium, chopped)

–onion (one-half, medium, sliced)

–mushrooms (baby bellas, 6 to 8, sliced)

–capers (bottled)

–garlic (minced, bottled)

–cayenne pepper (optional)

–white wine (use the good stuff)

1 – Place a chopped tomato, one-half sliced onion, and 6 to 8 sliced baby bella mushrooms in a covered baking dish with a little white wine.  Season with salt, pepper, rosemary, oregano, minced garlic, and olive oil.  Microwave on high for 4 minutes.  When finished, nestle the cod amid the sauce.  Season the cod with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper (optional), parsley, and a few drops of olive oil.  Sprinkle capers on top.  Microwave on high for 9 minutes.

2 – Serve the cod hot, atop pasta or rice (recipes, see the search box on this blog).

–cod adapted from Edward Giobbi’s Eat Right, Eat Well—the Italian Way.


Note:  This dinner takes 35 minutes microwave time.  Do start a little early. 

–2 tilapia (medium)

–Creole seasoning (ready-prepared)

–garlic powder

–cayenne pepper

–lime juice

–salt and pepper

–olive oil

–Brussels sprouts (one-half package, fresh)

–Bac’n pieces (soy artificial bacon)

–chicken broth (non-fat, low sodium)




1 – Pour two-thirds cup of quinoa in wide-mouthed, large, covered baking dish.  Pour one and one-third cups of chicken broth in dish.  Season with one teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of olive oil.  Cook for 15 minutes in microwave.  (Check mid-way to be sure that broth is not bubbling up too much for the size of your dish.)  When finished, keep covered and set aside.

2 – While quinoa is cooking, rinse Brussels sprouts and carefully slice each sprout in half.  Place in very large, covered baking dish.  Slice one-half onion and place on top.  Add one inch of chicken broth.  Season with salt, pepper, olive oil, and Bac’n pieces (the latter generously).  Cook for 15 minutes in microwave on high.

3 – Place tilapia in covered baking dish.  Add a little water.  Drench in lime juice.  Season with cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, Creole seasoning, and olive oil.  Cook for 5 minutes in microwave on high. 

4 – Serve the tilapia on top of the quinoa, with the Brussels sprouts as a side.

 –tilapia adapted from Whole Foods Market; Brussels sprouts adapted from Food Network (Rachael Ray); quinoa original.



–cod (the size of 3 decks of cards)


–rosemary (fresh if possible)

–white wine (cooking wine is fine)

–lemon juice

–garlic powder

–salt and pepper

–olive oil


–lemon pepper (bottled)


1 – Place cod in a covered baking dish.  Pour one-fourth cup of white wine over the cod, and then drench the cod in lemon juice.  Place about a dozen capers on top.  Season with rosemary, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Set aside.

2 – Prepare broccoli by cutting off large stalk, leaving some shoots and the florets.  Place in a covered baking dish.  Season with salt, pepper, lemon pepper, and olive oil.  Cook in microwave on high for 5 minutes (shorter if you like very firm broccoli).

3 – Cook cod for 6 minutes.

4 – Serve dinner hot.  I served a baked potato with yogurt with the dinner (use the search box to enter baked potato to get baking time for 2 potatoes; the potatoes should be microwaved first).

–adapted from Cook for Your Life.


–shrimp (60 – 80 small, shelled, deveined, tail off, thawed)

–salad dressing (see below for recipe)

–avocado (chopped)

–Asian noodles (the size of two fists)

–salt and pepper

–basil (fresh if possible)

–asparagus (frozen)

–olive oil


Salad dressing:

–1/4 cup of olive oil

–minced ginger (one-half teaspoon)

–mayonnaise (1 teaspoon)

–sesame seeds

–soy sauce

–sugar (1 teaspoon)

–lime juice (1 dash)


Add olive oil to measuring cup to one-fourth cup level.  Add to cup the following:  ginger, mayonnaise, sesame seeds (be generous), soy sauce, sugar, lime juice, and bits of cilantro.  The whole should reach the one-half cup level.  Stir vigorously.


1 – Thaw shrimp in refrigerator overnight.  Dump package in wide-mouthed, large dish with lid.  Microwave on high for 3 minutes.  Rinse under tap water to cool.  Refrigerator or put in freezer (briefly).

2 – For Asian noodles, cook, just covered in water but without a lid, in microwave for 5 minutes.  Rinse under tap water.  Season with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

3 – For avocado, cut in half lengthwise.  Remove pit.  Cut across two ways, and then use spoon to remove.  Set aside briefly (not too long or color will change).  Note:  If you wish to prepare the salad early and refrigerator, add the avocado just before serving.

4 – Stir together the shrimp, noodles, avocado carefully to avoid mashing the avocado and breaking the noodles.  Add snips of basil.  Season with salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Pour sauce over all, and fold in gently.

5 – Cook frozen asparagus for four minutes in microwave.  Season with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

6 – Serve cold shrimp salad and hot asparagus immediately.

–shrimp salad adapted from White on Rice Couple.