–bone-in catfish (1 medium)

–soy sauce


–garlic powder

–salt and pepper

–olive oil

–squash (5 small or 3 medium or 1 large)

–onion (one-half medium)

–Bac’n pieces (soy bacon)

–brown rice (boxed)

–chicken broth (non-fat, low sodium)


1 – Rinse the bone-in catfish.  Place in large, covered baking dish.  Season with ginger, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Turn over and season the same.  Add one-half inch of water and a generous amount of soy sauce.  Set aside.

2 – Place two-thirds cup of brown rice in a large, wide-mouthed, covered baking dish.  Add two-thirds cup of chicken broth.  Season with a drop of olive oil.  Cook on high in the microwave for 5 minutes.  Keep covered when finished.

3 – Peel and slice the squash.  Peel and slice one-half onion.  Place in two layers in covered baking dish, seasoning each layer with salt, pepper, Bac-n pieces, and olive oil.  Cook on high in the microwave for 5 minutes.

4 – Cook one side of the catfish for 3 minutes on high in the microwave.  Using spatulas, gently turn catfish over and cook for another 3 minutes on high. 

5 – Serve the dinner hot.

–catfish and rice original; squash adapted from my mother’s recipe.


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