–tilapia (the size of 3 decks of cards)


–salt and pepper

–olive oil

–eggplant (medium)

–sesame seeds (bottled)

–feta cheese

–parsley (fresh if possible)

–squash (3 young, small, and tender)


–Bac’n bits (soy bacon)


1 – Cook the eggplant ahead of the meal, so that it has time to cool before preparation.  To prepare in microwave, cook 5 minutes on one side; then turn over and cook 5 minutes on the other side.  When cool, slice downward lengthwise.  Remove seeds and rake the eggplant onto a cutting board.  Cut 2 ways, repeatedly.  In a mixing bowl, add half a small carton of feta cheese, one-half cup of fresh parsley leaves, cut (or 2 tablespoons dried), a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds, salt, pepper, and olive oil to season.  Refrigerate.

2 – Place tilapia in covered baking dish.  Sprinkle with generous amount of paprika, then salt and pepper, and olive oil.  Add a tiny amount of water to the bottom of the dish.  Set aside.

3 – Peel and cut squash and onion.  Place in a covered baking dish.  Salt, pepper, and add Bac’n pieces to taste.  Season with olive oil.  Cook on high in microwave for 4 minutes.

4 – Serve the eggplant with crackers as an appetizer.  Meanwhile, cook the tilapia on high for 4 minutes.

5 – Serve tilapia hot and squash warm.

–eggplant adapted from Real Simple; tilapia adapted from Pierre Franey’s 60 Minute Gourmet; squash adapted from my mother’s recipe.


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