Note: This meal may take 40 minutes to prepare.  My husband Paul had seconds on the broccoli pilaf.


Cod (very fresh and the size of three decks of cards)


Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Broccoli (one stalk, chopped)

Quinoa (two-thirds cup)

Raisins (one-third cup)

Roasted almonds (one-fourth cup, lightly salted)

Onion (one-half, chopped)

Chicken broth (low sodium, non-fat)


1 – Cook the quinoa first because of the long cooking time. Measure two-thirds cup of quinoa. Pour into large casserole dish (with lid). Add two-thirds cup of chicken broth TWICE to the quinoa. Add a drop of olive oil. Cook on high for 3 minutes in the microwave. Then cook for 10 minutes on 50 percent power. While quinoa is cooking, prepare the rest of the meal.

2 – Chop one-half onion and place in small microwaveable bowl with lid. Add water almost to cover. Set aside.

3 – Measure one-third cup of raisins. Set aside.

4 – Measure one-fourth cup of roasted almonds. Set aside.

5 – Chop the broccoli after cutting off and discarding the thick stalk. Place in medium-sized dish with lid. Add raisins to the broccoli. Salt and pepper lightly. Season with olive oil. When the quinoa has finished cooking, cook the broccoli on high for four minutes.

6 – Place the cod in a covered dish with lid. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and paprika. Season with olive oil.

7 – Cook the onion for five minutes in the microwave.

8 – Cook the cod for five minutes.

9 – While the cod is cooking, mix the pilaf in the casserole dish with cover. Add broccoli, onion, raisins, almonds to the quinoa. Fold ingredients together.  Cover to allow brief seasoning and to heat the whole together.

10 – Serve meal when the cod is done.


adapted from Real Simple.


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