Note: This is my favorite dinner.



2 potatoes (medium)

Dill (fresh if possible)

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Broccoli (one stalk)

Tabasco or other hot sauce


1 – Place salmon (about the size of three decks of cards) in middle of covered baking dish. Put a small amount of water in the bottom. Sprinkle dill, salt, and pepper on top. Season with olive oil. Set aside.

2 – Wash the potatoes with soap and water, rinsing thoroughly. Scrub the potato skins vigorously. Cut potatoes so that each piece is about an inch in diameter. Add an inch of water to a microwaveable dish. Make two layers of potatoes in dish. Sprinkle dill, salt, and pepper over each layer. Season with olive oil. Cook uncovered in microwave for 10 minutes, checking toward the end to be sure that water has not boiled out, adding water if needed.

3 – Cut off broccoli stalk, leaving some stem and florets. Cut apart the florets. Season with salt and pepper, olive oil. Cook broccoli, covered, for 4 minutes. Serve broccoli with Tabasco or other hot sauce on table for seasoning.

4 – Cook salmon for four and one-half minutes. It is necessary with a thick piece of salmon to check for doneness when cooking is finished. Cut slit in middle of salmon. Replace in oven for 1 minute if fish is not yet done.

5 – Serve immediately.


–Salmon and potatoes adapted from Real Simple. Many broccoli recipes recommend hot sauce for serving.


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